Sunday, July 13, 2008

method - s/t 7"

this record featured a member of killtheslavemaster, and has quickly become a favorite in regular rotation around the warbound office (coming to a living room or library near you!). the lyrics for the first song are incredible, and in 1996 are clearly ahead of their time - it must've been 2-3 more years before another outspokenly anti-civ hardcore band came out...

Culture bleeds us dry. Civility breaks us. Rapes our instinct. Culture leaves us barren. Foundation anchored in the flesh of nature, this flower wilted when its roots were burned. We stoke the fire but this cinders forever cold. This cinder's ash. Worthless, the fossil that cannot shed this lie. Cast away by the hand that created. Forsaken by the soil that shaped life. Suffer the alienation as the bond is broken. Choke on the wrath of our mother betrayed. Roused from our slumber to hold hands with death. Sentient grown barren, now dwells in the forest of pestilence. Soil lies empty, we walk within death. Torn from our instinct, rendered dead. Forever exiled from our nature, we are nothing.

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