Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Other Side of Eden...

The lack of updates to this newly-started project has meant that I've been working on the new physical issue of Warbound, which will be available starting this weekend at the Tearing at the Roots Conference in Baltimore, MD, where I will be presenting some of my work regarding the roles that intoxication/addiction culture and animal liberation play within the larger confines of domestication.

If you desire a copy of Warbound, they are available on a donation basis, which can be arranged via email: deloslobos@wildmail.com, or through mail at the below address:

15 Berry Avenue, Lower
Lackawanna NY 14218
(may take 6-8 weeks for response)

Now, for this installment I have provided an mp3 version of an interview conducted by the BBC program
Outlook with Hugh Brody.

From their site:

"Hugh Brody is a writer, anthropologist and filmmaker. From his experiences of hunter-gatherer culture gleaned from years of living and hunting with the Inuits of the Arctic and the salmon-fishing tribes in the Canadian Northwest, Brody reaches through everyday realities to reflect on the human condition.

Speaking to Outlook about his latest book, The Other Side Of Eden, Brody introduces us to the hunter-gatherer way of life and explores the misunderstandings and the historic division between hunter-gatherers and farmers."

It's a very short interview, but it's got some amazing observations from Brody, and I cannot recommend his book enough for those looking for more anthropological insight into the unsustainability and unhealthiness of domestication, which is available from Black & Green Press.

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Anonymous said...

Hugh Brody is some of the most important and outspoken voice in defense of the nomadic gatherer / hunter / trapper ways of life around...Read 4 of his books (Living Arctic, The People's Land, Maps and Dreams, The Other Side of Eden) and all of them are an absolute must. Would like to see his documentaries though, did anyone ever seen them, anyone can help adress me on how to get them?