Saturday, March 7, 2009

further delays, some downloads, and a site spotlight:

- i know i promised updates, and believe me they are coming. however, i'm preoccupied much of the time with personal research and also efforts towards working on the next issue of warbound, so i haven't had time to genuinely update, nor have i responded to some of the talk on the last past... all in due time. have patience.

- some of you may already know, but i have finally begun to produce and release noise music under the warbound name. you can check out the myspace for the project here, which contains a short clip of a track, the full version of which is accessible here.

- recently, an electronic version of warbound #3 was made available through Green Anarchy WikiDot Page. this is an excellent online resource, which i am very excited about. it's also maintained by a fellow feral edger!

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