Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Announcing BLOOD LUST

a dear friend of mine has begun a very ambitious and exciting project. i encourage anyone to contribute in any way they deem useful...

Blood Lust: a feminist journal against civilization
Deadline June 1, 2009
Focuses of this issue: The body, body image, and eating disorders

Some subjects we would like to explore in this and future issues:

- Personal accounts of having or recovering from an eating disorder or body image issues
- Supporting loved ones with eating disorders
- The body within civilization
- Wimmin in gatherer-hunter societies
- Civilization and patriarchy
- Self-defense
- Anarchy and feminism
- Emotional support/mental wellness/healing and recovery
- Anarchist sobriety
- Herbalism/DIY health care
- Direct action against the fashion, cosmetics, diet, and other insecurity industries
- Reviews of relevant media
- Feminist cultural criticism
- Any other related subject + poetry and artwork


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