Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kevin Tucker - Benefit Talk for Rod Coronado 12/09/06

I'm very pleased to present the following talk given by Kevin Tucker a few years back to benefit Rod Coronado, who was recently released from federal prison. KT has always gone the extra mile to support prisoners, and Rod, despite some recent positions that I strongly disagree with, has unquestionably done amazing, inspiring work for the liberation of animals and this planet. On a cold December night, KT braved a looming snowstorm to deliver this talk and help raise money at the time for Rod and his family.

After an unbearable yet thankfully short introduction by yours truly, Kevin goes on to discuss anarcho-primitivism, and in particular its relation to animal liberation. I'm sure there's bound to be some controversy over remarks made regarding veganism during the Q&A (although KT clearly makes the distinction between personal dietary choice and dogmatic ideology), but its time that everyone, especially vegans and leftists and others stuck in the corpse of morality, recognize the pitfalls of any ideology and its impediments to total liberation.

I strongly encourage you to download both parts, because the Q&A is a great example of KT's prowess and strength in the course of discussion, something that has really defined his contribution to the milieu.



The Q&A was aburptly cut-off, but there was easily another 45 minutes and engaging discussion that night. We ended up raising over $100 for Rod, which was a lot for the small, mostly "red" anarchist community where the event took place.

On a related note, a book collecting some of Kevin's writing over the years should be expected by the end of summer, and rumor has it Species Traitor #5 will finally see the light of day (note the promise of it being available by Summer 2007 during the talk)...

Also, please visit and for information on the current wave of state repression against earth and animal activists.