Monday, April 27, 2009


Peregrine and Auryn have teamed up, and with the help of FC Records, released a benefit CD that is not only for a great cause, but contains superb music. I encourage everyone to purchase this CD, either from the bands or from the AETA4 Support site, or from other support sites or distros, since the money raised for this CD will be split amongst all of the Green Scare defendents/prisoners.

Peregrine take a huge step forward as a band on this CD. Their first full-length, The Agrarian Curse, while excellent in its own respect, clearly was a teaser of what this band is capable of doing. The song-writing is dynamic, strong, and well-delivered. While I have heard comparisons to Behemoth, I'd say the band Peregrine mostly calls to mind is Misery Index, except without the AK Press politics, and with a dead-on anarcho-primitivist message. It's refreshing to see a band take on the concepts of liberation and resistance in terms that aren't boring, re-hashed, flimsy, or worse moralistic.

Auryn remind me of a more metal Greyskull, the incredible crusty hardcore punk band from Tacoma, WA. The vocals stand out the most, in a good way. While most bands that sound like this forego melody on the mic, Geoff isn't afraid to carry a tune, and he does so in a way that is catchy without being too different from the tone of the music.

Both bands contribute brief essays on the Green Scare, and while both are poignant, I find Kevin's to bring a much-needed look at our current situation. Perhaps I have a bias because our views are so similar and he has fed me and housed me on more than one occasion, but regardless I've chosen to reprint his essay here:

The Green Scare: an organized and systemic effort on behald of the government, the handmaidens of civilization, to suppress the rising wave of earth and animal liberation action and thought. The suppression of thought, through repressive legal actions or through the use of the megamachine we invite into our own lives, is telling.

In the face of the collapse of civilization; as the economy fails, as the earth kicks and screams, as the domesticator's tighten their technological grip; they know and they fear that we are right. They fear the wildness that green anarchists have brough back into the forefront of our crisis. They fear the egalitarian savagery of our primal anarchy; the lifeblood of the nomadic gatherer-hunters and the resilience of those who remain. they fear the inevitable end of their cannibalistic worlds.

All feasts must end.

There are many words I wish I could say here and elsewhere that I cannot. But I will never give up, and I will always stand beside those sitting in jail or awaiting trial who have stood strong. And when the lights go out, the wild awaits our return.

Their jails detain, but they can't kill this rage.

For wildness and anarchy,

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